About Our Company

Our company serves and is located in the Texas hill country overlooking Lake Travis—TRAVISTA.  We are A plus rated members of the Better Business Bureau since 2004.  Our specialty is residential and commercial roofing including adjacent construction acitivities.  We have decades of roofing expertise and numerous licenses and certifications.  Go to our accreditation page >

We strive to ensure our core beliefs are built into everything we do: 

  • Customers Win-- Our customers are our everything.   We understand our customers are busy and a roof is a significant distraction and expenditure.  We strive to make each step of the roofing process simple, effectively communicate with all involved along the way, and provide the highest quality products and services EVERY time.
  • Employees Win-- Our employees and contractors make significant sacrifice to ensure our company’s success.  They are treated with respect.  We believe satisfied team members produce quality results.
  • Travista Wins-- Our company is paid a fair price for our services and we build equity to grow our company and  invest in the next young person.
  • Communities Win—Our company believes gratitude is fundamental to our success.  We donate a small portion of the proceeds of each project to a local charity.